Accelerated localization
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LLM-powered toolkit for building multilingual apps, fast.

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What's inside?

Accurate AI translations for web and mobile.

Replexica AI handles your translations. And you? Just focus on building great product.

State-of-the-art models

Open-source. Proprietary. We use the latest and greatest models to build a localization engine that produces perfect results.


Chains of LLM calls to get the perfect, context-aware translations, that fit your brand's voice, tone, style, and terminology.


All translations are customizable. 99% chance you won't want to change them, but if you do, you can do it in the old-fashioned way.


1 language or 15, 3 sentences or 30,000 - Replexica is scalable out of the box, no matter the size of your project.


Your code is your castle, and it never leaves your machines. Replexica is a CLI that runs either locally, or in your CI/CD pipeline.


Every feature we ship, every line of code we write, is backed by research we do. Our mission is to make perfect localization accessible to everyone.


Battle-tested. Developer-approved.

World-class developers require speed. Replexica AI delivers.

“This is 🔥”

CEO & Co-Founder @ Supabase

“I have never seen i18n to be that simple. Used to spend days manually editing files or paying 3rd party providers. Feels magical.”

Software Engineering @ Buildspace

“Stripe for payments. Supabase for databases. Replexica for localization.”

Sr. Product Manager @ Mersedes-Benz

“It really does look super easy. This is amazing.”

Software Developer & Co-Founder @ Voxio

“Perfect solution for new React-specific frameworks projects.”

Design Engineer @ CyberAgent

“This is neat! Who doesn’t hate i18n and with all the hassle it gives you.”

CEO & Co-Founder @ OpenPanel

“Damn this is insane! I've always hated editing all my files for i18n but this makes it super easy.”

Co-Founder @ Reweb

“I might be biased, but this is what the future of i18n looks like. Fast, easy, reliable, and AI-powered.”

Chief Software Architect @ Replexica

“I used Replexica last week and it's really awesome! Works really well with French, same for Spanish! I mainly use the CLI and it works perfectly so pretty happy so far!”

Founder of iOS Studio @ Neptun

“This is soo cool 👏”

Frontend Engineer @ Leyton

“Having experienced the challenges with i18n while VP Product at a fast-growing startup, I would have loved a tool like this.”

VP of Product & Design @ Abound

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